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Joey first met Faye in 2004 through a common friend at Starbucks, Katipunan. Faye was studying for a math college diagnostic exam then with her friend and Joey was introduced as someone who could tutor her, him being an engineer and supposedly good at Algebra. It was crush at first sight for Joey but timing was not good back then, their worlds being too far apart-Joey was already working in Globe while Faye was just a freshman in Ateneo.

During Faye’s first few years in college, they would get to see each other only once in a while, on random gimmicks at bars, poker games at friends’ houses or UAAP games, where Faye would cheer for the blue team while Joey for green or maroon. In 2006, Joey moved to the US for work, but despite the distance, they still kept in touch through Friendster and YM every so often just to make kamusta or chismis, especially when Joey would get homesick.

Fast forward to 2008, Faye finished college and went on a 5 month long vacation in the US, where she met Joey again. It was there where sparks flew and an interstate love affair blossomed. But unfortunately, the fun had to end and Faye had to leave her heart in San Francisco, giving them no choice but to keep a long distance relationship for the next few years. Eventually, with the late night Skype sessions and Joey’s few visits back home, Faye got restless and anxious, tired of the cycle of excitement for him to come home, and sadness every time he had to leave.

Joey eventually decided to pack his bags and come back to the Philippines for nothing else but love and a pact that if in 2 years, the idea of marriage didnt come up, they would call it quits. It was a leap of faith for Joey, which swept Faye off her feet. Sure enough, the 2 years only made them grow fonder and more in love with each other, till it came to a point that Joey decided it was time to pop the question. On the weekend before Valentines day in 2012, Joey proposed to Faye by surprising her while she was out of town, on a business trip. And that was the start of their plans to settle down. On June 22-the day after their 5th year anniversary, Joey made Faye the happiest bride after finally tying the knot and officially starting their journey to forever. ❤

Photo | Jay Lucas Reyes
Coordinator | Chris Ang and Kenny Del Rosario of Planners Plus Events Co.
HMUA | Jasmine Mendiola
Lights and Sounds | Sensitivity
Florist/Event Stylist | Tropical Blooms
Gown | Patricia Santos