Eugz and Pia {awesomely married | wedding in bellarocca}

Photo | Nelwin Uy Event Coordinator | Kiss the Girl Events HMUA | Ana Isip Event Stylist | Florist Gids

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JD AND KRIS {happy days}

Jonathan and Kriseline's love story needed time to make them realize that they were destined for each other. 11 years ago JD was set up with Kriseline as her date for the Graduation Ball. JD was in his first year college at the Ateneo while Kris was about to enter Ateneo. After that ball the two kept in touch with each other. It took them eight years of messaging, texting one another until that spark develops. It was on the 5th of February when they were smitten by love and everything just felt right and things just fell into place. :)

Every aspect of their day was a perfect representation of who they are, and their admirable love for their friends and family. It's ridiculous that we get to work with such incredible people :) So without further ado, we give you JD and Kris in one of the happiest day of their lives. Santuario De San Jose, Greenhills Edsa Shangri-La Hotel

Photo | Francis Perez Make up | Carmi Locsin Gown | Rajo Laurel Flowers | 7lily Host | Carl Guzman ...

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Alvin and Denise {pre-wedding film}

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Stilts Resort, Calatagan, Batangas Hacienda Moreno Photo | Toto Villaruel Coordinator | Marianne Chua Florist | Vatel Manila Catering | Passion Cooks

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Brian and Tin {close to you | boracay wedding}

Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel Discovery Shores Puka Beach Boracay

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Paolo and Dani {yes! i really am marrying my bestfriend}

Taal Vista Hotel Calaruega Church Tagaytay

Photo | Mangored Coordinator | The Bride's Maids & Co.

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Carlo and Julia {here comes the bride}

Shangri-La Mactan, Cebu Philippines Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

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Chris and Shey {faith will take us where we want to be}

Chris finally met his crush of 7 years, Shey in Eat Bulaga. Forbidden love, as we called it, they will never be proud of how they started but they are proud of where they are now. After 11 years, Chris and Shey get to receive formal blessing from the Lord. Their undying and selfless love for each other made them stronger and more deeply in love.

This great love story tell us that faith will take us where we want to be. :) Chris Tan and Sherilyn Reyes Wedding December 10, 2012 Edsa Shangri-la Santuario de San Jose, Greenhills Marriott Hotel Manila

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Miko and Margaux {first day of forever | wedding in umbria, italy}

After eight years of love and friendship, Miko and Margaux decided to have their dream destination wedding in a small town in Italy known as Citta Di Castello. Everything about this wedding and trip was a blessing to them. Both the bride and the groom, did not expect 45 people from different countries to join them in Italy for this very special moment.

Not only were they able to celebrate a romantic and spectacular wedding but they were able to witness and feel the love of their family and friends as well. The wedding was so sincere and intimate that it would always bring everyone into tears. A very heartfelt wedding video! Its all about love, wine, food and family in Italy!

For Miko and Margaux this is the first day of FOREVER :) Cheers! :)

Abbazia San Faustino Pietralunga, Umbria, Italia

Santuario della Madonna de Belvedere Citta di Castello, Italia

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Ram and Pearl {distance makes the heart grow fonder}

Mini-Movie + Same Day Edit Ram and Pearl 12.12.12 Wedding

Ram "When I first met Pearl, I knew she's the one, I knew from that moment that my heart urges my innermost to do what is right. To pursue the woman of my dreams and be a better man. Loving her boosted me up to conquer the impossibility and inspired me to do the most of everything. She's the most valuable blessing that God gave me. She changed my life in many ways that I could never imagine. Took me in place of unlimited happiness and undeniable joy. I could never ask for more. I love her with all my heart."

Pearl "When I first met Ram, I never thought of falling in love.. but he turned my life happier and makes my life worthwhile. I'm so glad I meet someone like him; A man with strong determination, good hearted, loving, responsible and giving me only unconditional LOVE...with him I have no worries, he makes me feel I'm in a safe place. And I thank God for an answered prayer...he gave me the man who will make m...

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