Abbazia San Faustino
Pietralunga, Umbria, Italia

Santuario della Madonna de Belvedere
Citta di Castello, Italia

After eight years of love and friendship, Miko and Margaux decided to have their dream destination wedding in a small town in Italy known as Citta Di Castello. Everything about this wedding and trip was a blessing to them. Both the bride and the groom, did not expect 45 people from different countries to join them in Italy for this very special moment.

Not only were they able to celebrate a romantic and spectacular wedding but they were able to witness and feel the love of their family and friends as well. The wedding was so sincere and intimate that it would always bring everyone into tears. A very heartfelt wedding video! Its all about love, wine, food and family in Italy!

For Miko and Margaux this is the first day of FOREVER 🙂
Cheers! 🙂