“ I want to climb the highest mountain and tell the world that I love you”

And climb they did. A lot of people say this line but few have fulfilled it. Paul and Lian got us hiking up Mount Pulag for their pre-nup session, just so we can document how they profess their love to each other in one of the country’s highest peaks.

We have known this couple for some time now for Paul is a photographer and Lian is a make- up artist. We felt a bit of pressure as they have seen numerous wedding videos in the past, but we also felt like we couldn’t pass up on the chance to see these two tie the knot.

It was the kind of intimate wedding wherein almost everybody knew each other. Hence, feelings and emotions were abundant and there was no such thing as holding back. Paul’s smile said “finally, she is my wife,” while Lian’s eyes confirmed her vows: “ Your arms are now my home, and wherever you go, I will go. “

To Paul and Lian, thank you for giving us the honor to witness your most special day.